TEAM // Tim Johnson

Tim Johnson

Age: 39
Hometown: Topsfiled, MA
On the team since: 1995
Favorite Course: Surhuisterveen, NL
Goal for the year: To beat Chan at Wednesday night CX practice
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Twitter: @timjohnsoncx
Instagram: @timjohnsoncx

Tim Johnson is a six-time national cyclocross champion, having won three elite national championships, a pair of Espoirs national championships and a junior national championship. Tim was the first ever American rider to stand on a UCI World Championships podium when he earned a silver medal at the 1999 World Championships in Poprad, Slovakia.

Tim has been a key member of the Cannondale prepared by team since its inception, and has been working with Managing Director Stu Thorne since his first days in cyclocross. Johnson has a US Gran Prix of Cyclocross overall title to his name and won three-straight national championships between 1998 and 2000. In his first attempt as an elite rider, in 2000, Johnson earned his first elite national championship.

Johnson is an accomplished road racer, having raced previously for powerhouse American road teams, including Healthnet and Jittery Joes, and even plied his trade across the Atlantic, racing for Saunier Duval for a season. Johnson has since devoted himself purely to cyclocross, becoming the first rider of his generation to call himself primarily a cyclocross racer.

Year turned pro

In 2001, but racing cyclocross since 1995.

Moment you first thought you might have a shot at going pro?

Getting the holeshot against visiting World Champ Daniele Pontoni at the SuperCup in 1998. I was young and fired up and took my best shots. Didn’t last long in front of him but he remembered me after that!

Person who has meant the most to you in regards to helping you getting into cycling?

Without a doubt, my mother. She backed my hopes and dreams when she had few resources (or even reasons) to put behind my efforts. Lots of travel and entry fees were paid when there wasn’t much money to spare.

You are a pro, but at some point you made a rookie move. What was it?

Forgetting both my main and backup pairs of Mavic shoes on the shop floor in Germany and not realizing it until waking up in Belgium the next day. Not the best move ever.

Any Euro Moments Racing Cross worth sharing?

Watching my friend, Jonny Sundt spend a solid 20mins applying old-school euro embrocation to his legs while chatting with the guys…only to realize that he still needed to pull on his skin suit (over those freshly greased legs). It was really funny and but not very fun to watch…

Greatest personal win

Winning the Mt. Washington Hillclimb for the 1st time. I had no idea how the morning might unfold, but just drilled it from the bottom and hoped for the best. Luckily, I was the best that day.

Favorite local ride

I’ve started to enjoy taking a left out of my driveway and riding the local bike path and connecting to the Essex County Greenbelt where I can continue on trails for hours.

Riding Style

I’m not going to give up and while it’s not really a trick up my sleeve anymore, it still catches my competitors off-guard once in a while.

Oh S#@t moment

When I remember that I’ve already agreed to do something/be somewhere and have forgotten about it. WHOOPS!

Do you read the comments sections at the end of an article?

Sometimes – usually not a good idea, but often times I can get a better handle on the topic when the opposing side is directly attached to original story. The worst is reading the comments a few days after a story appears because the tone always takes a turn for the worst.