TEAM // Ruby West

Ruby West

Nickname: Rubes, Rubster
Date of Birth: Juyly 7, 1999
Years Racing: 5
Years With the Team: 2
Hometown: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Residence: Dundas, Ontario, Canada
Favorite TV Show: Greys Anatomy, Friends, How I Met Your Mother
Favorite Movie: Shrek
Hobbies: Cooking/baking, hanging out with animals, hiking
Bike Racing Idol: Clara Hughes
Favorite Races: Jingle Cross
Goals for the Year: Win Canadian U23 Nationals, attend U23 worlds and improve on my result from last year

About Me:
I grew up as a swimmer, trying to follow in my dads Olympic footsteps (because how hard could that really be?), but I was pretty much the worst swimmer in history – picture a cat flailing around in a bathtub…. After finding cycling I left swimming behind and fell in love with riding bikes. At first it was on the road, then I raced track, then cyclocross and recently started mountain biking as well. I’m not sure I have a specific style of racing or certain strengths, I like racing in all conditions, fast or technical courses, I don’t really have a preference 🙂 I just really love all aspects of the sport and especially love the community it brings together.

Instagram: @ruby3773
Twitter: @ruby3773

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