TEAM // Alex Morton

Alex Morton

Nickname: Alex
Date of Birth: 10/31/2001
Years Racing: 6
Years With the Team: 2
Hometown: St. Clair, Michigan
Residence: St. Clair, Michigan
Favorite Movie: MSP Ski Movies
Hobbies: Cars
Bike Racing Idol: My Dad!
Favorite Races: Cincy3 Harbin Park
Goals for the Year: My number 1 goal is to go to Europe for a block of racing and go to the World Championships!

About Me:
I have always been into bike racing. My dad was a euro pro and lived in Italy, so I grew up always watching cycling and riding mountain bikes. I was primarily a motocross athlete. I raced high level motocross for around seven years and had just started getting into mountain bike races at around the age of nine. Back in 2011, I stopped racing motocross and focused on mountain bikes, road, and track. 2011 was my first season of cyclocross and I went to Wisconsin for nationals that year and got 6th in the 10-12 age group. And since then my love for cyclocross has grown every year!

I have always been more fond of technical courses because bike handling is my biggest strength, especially in muddy races. I have had 2 podiums at national championships and I was U19 Pan-Am champion.

Instagram: @amorton20

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